7 SECRETS to a successful life

Kathy Gates from www.reallifecoach.com suggested this excellent tool for self coaching your way to achieving the life you want.

S – Simplify


The very act of simplifying your life helps you to focus on the key actions that will lead you toward your goals and be open to new and rewarding opportunities.

E – Effort

Actions require effort and it is the use of effort that ensures you complete the steps on your life plan.

C – Create Priorities

Stephen Covey coined the phrase ‘First things first’ in his classic ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ You need to establish what the priorities are in your life plan and ensure you act on them first.


R – Reserves

Always have a little extra in hand. In the Search and Rescue world we always had a fudge factor for fuel that was ‘for the wife and kids’. That way we always had enough fuel to get back home. You need reserves of cash, energy, time and anything else that you use routinely. Having them reduces the anxiety of consequences and allows you to focus on the issue at hand.

E – Eliminate Distractions

Your intellect can be like a laser if you just allow it to focus on one action for long enough. Bu eliminating the distractions of life you can more readily achieve this focus. David Allen’s GTD approach is very useful for ‘emptying your head’ and letting you focus on the task at hand.

T – Thoughts

The Buddha said ‘With our thoughts, we make the world’. If that is a little too new age then the NLPers amongst you will recognise the sentiment. The way that you think defines your view of the world and if you have negative thoughts, then you tend to have negative beliefs and negative actions. Having positive thoughts may not change the world, but it is a far better way of looking at things and may actually give you the motivation to make changes.

S – Start

Every journey begins with a single step. This blog and others like them can help you onto the right track, but if you don’t keep moving, the train will mow you down. So avoid the procrastination and ACT now.

I hope you find this a useful tool.

Dare to Aspire


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