Change Check List

One of the most frequently used terms in the modern business world is that of ‘Change’. The pace at which technology is improving and the body of human knowledge is growing means that to keep up we constantly need to change and grow.

Being able to adapt is one of the keys to success in modern business and so it useful to be able to to assess our readiness and ability to change.

The following is a check-list that can help you assess whether you are likely to be able to make the planned change a reality:

  • Are you open to the idea that change is possible?

  • Assess the reasons why you want to change…Are they powerful enough? Real change requires a passion for something new to sustain you.

  • What actually needs changing? Make sure you got to the core of what you want to change.

  • Change will have consequences, good and bad. Consider them and be sure you can accept them.

  • Can you start today now, even a little bit? Putting it off will not help you generate the momentum you will need to complete the change.

  • Start small and work up to a large change. Small consistent changes in behaviour make the habit of change more physiologically acceptable and more readily accepted next time.

  • Act as if you have already adopted the change and you will begin to believe the change and grow into it. Trying on the ‘new you’ will also help you assess if you want to keep it.

  • Only employ positive language. The brain doesn’t process negatives very well so using positive language to reinforce the change you want. Think and act positively!

  • Develop some sensory acuity and be open to the changes that are happening around you to see the impact of any changes. You will soon recognise if the change is having a bad effect if you keep yourself open to how others are behaving.

  • Look for feedback in how your performance is changing. Not all changes are beneficial and it is important to get feedback and see if the change is improving your situation.

This check-list should be helpful in your personal change process. As you step through each point, identify if you are already meeting that element or if it requires more effort. Only you can decide if you are willing to focus on that element and really embrace the change.

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