With Local and Mayoral elections filling the UK news media I thought it was a good opportunity to talk about Leadership and the attributes that leaders often share.

What makes a good leader? What are the characteristics? What personal qualities or attributes does a leader need? These are the most common questions asked by those looking to develop as a leader or those looking to hire a leader for their organisation.

There are many theories of leadership, each discussing the characteristics that make a great leader. This article aims to consolidate a number of leadership theories and provide a simple description of the characteristics of a leader.

Effective leaders have the following attributes:

  • Integrity – Commitment to follow an ethical and moral value system.

  • Vision – A view of how the world and the organisation should be.

  • Communication – The ability to transfer their vision, knowledge and intent.

  • Decision Making – The ability to change the actions of the team.

  • Innovation – The ability to develop something new and valuable.

  • Professional Knowledge – A comprehensive understanding of the core business.

  • Developmental Focus – An aim to improve the knowledge and skills of their team.

  • Humility – A recognition that they are just a single member of the team.

Different people will have these attributes in different measures. By being aware of your own strengths and shortcomings you will be able to develop your weaker aspects. You can also learn how to use your stronger ones to compensate for your weaker ones.

These attributes, or personal qualities, all form part of a core framework of leadership and good leadership leaves a footprint. It leaves footprints that show improved:

  • team working

  • personal effectiveness

  • Output and performance.

If nothing else if you can motivate and inspire your team, then you will thrive as a leader and at the very least your team output will improve.

Dare to Aspire


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