The Attributes of Leadership (8)

Developmental Focus

The long-term success of an organisation depends on having a skilled and motivated workforce. Development must be available to all according to their needs and the requirements of the organisation. This should remain a key responsibility of leaders at every level of the organisation and can be achieved by:

  • Recognising and rewarding achievement
  • Development of professional knowledge and skills
  • Self development
  • Developing people
  • Careful delegation

Effective leaders with good developmental skills focus first on individuals, encouraging them to develop their interest and supporting them in developing the skills and capabilities they need. They enable their staff and encourage them to build their knowledge, understanding and confidence, by giving them the challenges that they need to develop.

Constructive feedback is an essential management and leadership skill and team members should be given guidance on how they have performed and coached on how to improve their future performance.

As well as individual development, an effective leader also focuses on the development of the team. They are prepared to accept new people into the team, identifying their development needs and ensuring a rapid integration into the team. The leader will seek to unlock potential, understanding that people develop at different speeds. .

An effective leader encourages and supports others in their development. They set stretching targets, delegate work, foster initiatives and encourage individuals to learn from their experience A strong team is created by, training and development opportunities as well as coaching and mentoring allowing people to grow to their full potential.

Dare to Aspire


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