NLP and Sensory Acuity

The 4-Step Success Formula requires you to have an awareness of how your behaviour is affecting the environment and your progress towards your goals. NLP captures the idea of being aware of your surroundings and the impact you are having under the blanket term of ‘Sensory Acuity’.

Essentially, your performance as an NLP practitioner is dependent upon how well you notice the things that change around you. This is the essential feedback that you get when you change any behaviour. Just like a thermostat turns the heating on or off based on the temperature it senses, you must modify your behaviour based on the response you get.

As you increase your sensory acuity, you will begin to notice more increasingly subtle details about yourself, your environment and the people with whom you communicate. This increased attention to detail will help you to improve your actions and so get the results you want with more accuracy.

For example:

If you are selling a guitar and the customer says I just want to feel how it plays. You need to understand that this person needs to feel the instrument to get a sense of it, rather than listen to the tone or look at the shine off the rosewood neck.

By becoming more aware of the words people use you will more readily understand their ‘map of the world’ (see presuppositions) and be more able to communicate with them.

For the next few days, open your awareness a little more and expand your view of the world and the things that go on in it.

The next positing will take make you more aware of how sensory acuity can be of benefit as we move onto Representational Systems.

Dare to Aspire


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