6 Ways to Be More Valued by Your Organization

In this time of economic uncertainty, the need to be secure in your job is generating a high level of anxiety for many people. One way to increase the chance that you will keep your job is to be recognised as someone who adds value above and beyond your peers. Here are 6 ways to be seen as adding value:

1. Increase revenue – Get more money into the business by selling more of your product of service. This isn’t easy in a struggling economy, but those that can ‘bring home the bacon’ in tough times will be seen as invaluable. It will also be a great discipline that will pay dividends when the economy recovers.

2. Increase profit – There are 2 ways to increase profit. The first is to increase revenue and the second is to reduce costs.

3. Communicate more – Being better informed is likely to increase your personal brand and make you a ‘go to’ person for information and guidance.

4. Provide creative ideas – When times are hard, innovation can often create break through opportunities. Hardship can also be a catalyst to creativity.

5. Assume more responsibility – Again this makes you the ‘go to’ person and increases the amount of information you have. Increasing your responsibility will also bring you into contact with your senior management, the very people who are likely to be assessing redundancy options. It is less easy for them to select someone who is clearly adding value and someone you know better than other nameless minions.

6. Spend more time with customers – They are going to be hurting in this climate too. By spending more time with your customers, you are likely to be able to continue to build your relationship and identify more sales opportunities.

Build value and you build your security and your future potential.

Dare to aspire



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2 responses to “6 Ways to Be More Valued by Your Organization

  1. This movie might provide some inspiration

  2. Nozama

    I’d love to agree with you; however, employers are going to continue to massacre the masses with layoffs and other cuts regardless of what employees do at this point.

    #5 sounds more like kiss as much ass as possible to ensure senior leadership will feel guilty about cutting you.

    Regardless… Consistent performances will be more the measure of whether people stay or go. Trying last ditch efforts to keep your job will be frowned upon by those seeing right through your motives.

    Spend more time with your family and take advantage of the down time in the economy is my advice for people. Pick up the book Dropping Almonds by Bach Anon as well to help understand what executive leadership is “really” thinking and doing.

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