Now Discover Your Strengths

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I am a great believer in the identifying and applying of key individual strengths to achieve individual and organisational goals.

If you ask a person to do something that they have no talent for then the result is a poor quality result, consistently poor quality performance and a de-motivated person.

I believe that matching a person’s talents to specific organisational tasks will not only produce a higher quality output in a more efficient manner but also generate a positive feeling in the team members and a more supportive culture.

The 3 challenges then are to:

  • Identify the strengths of every person within the organisation
  • Identify and allocate the tasks best suited to individual strengths
  • Addressing any tasks that remain to be allocated

This approach is clearly idealised but as with approaches like Lean and Six Sigma, the aim is for continual migration towards that idealised state.

Identifying Your Strengths

Strengths are generally accepted as the point at which you have a mix of

  • Knowledge
  • Skill
  • Ability / Talent

This may be a natural strength, or a strength that you have developed because of practice and a passionate interest in that skill.

Gallup, the research and consultancy organisation has undertaken research into strengths, what they are and hwo to apply them.

This has led to a number of books and an online assessment that help individuals identify their strengths.

Tom Rath’s Strengths Finder series is highly recommended.

Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton’s  Now Discover Your Strengths () is also a great primer for investigating individual strengths.

Each has a code at the end of the book that allows the reader to take a quick online assessment of their strengths.

It is worth understanding your strengths so that you can recognise opportunities that will allow you to thrive and produce high performance output.

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