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Training Analysis Checklist

Individual and Team performance can be elusive.

Just when you have achieved a level of performance that you want, the environment changes, resources are taken away or members of the team are replaced.

It is a combination of knowledge, skills and attitude that creates individual and team behaviour.  Improving performance therefore requires us to change that behaviour

Training is a excellent way to re-establish a high level of performance, but it needs to be training focused at achieving specific individual and business needs.

Performance then, is where knowledge, skills and attitude align to the business needs.  So any training plan needs to be focused on ensuring that an individual’s knowledge and skills are developed to align to that business need and people motivated to having a supportive attitude.

To establish the necessary training for the individual and teams a level of Training Needs Analysis is needed.  This ensures the maximum level of training is achieved for minimum financial outlay.

Here is a checklist that will help you consider the training needs of your team and help you construct a training programme that will help you re-establish the performance levels you need to have your team thrive.

1. The Training Need:

  • Who needs it?
  • What is the business area that the training will support?
  • Is the skill or knowledge lacking on the team or just in this individual?

2. The Audience:

  • Who is the audience for the training?
  • What is their knowledge of the topic?
  • What are their duties?
  • What are they expecting?
  • Are there any motivational problems to be expected?
  • What is the cultural behaviour for the target group?

3. Course Content:

  • Are there any regulatory parts to teach?
  • Is there a CIPD or other professional body to consider?
  • What are the possible resources?
  • Are there policies and procedures to teach?
  • Are case studies of value?

4. Delivery:

  • Will it be an internal course?
  • Who will teach?
  • Will you outsource?

5. Timing:

  • When is the training opportunity?
  • Start Dates?
  • Length of course?
  • Frequency of the training?
  • Venue?

6. Business Needs:

  • What is the business need?
  • What is the business strategic aim?
  • What are the organizational future plans?
  • How much training is enough?

7. Anticipated Problems:

  • Budgetary limits
  • Availability of the learning team
  • What resources do you need?

While this is not a formally structured Training Needs Analysis profile, it provides a useful list of considerations that will help you understand your training needs and so allow your to decide on where to spend training effort to achieve a higher level of performance.

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